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This journal is for an alternate version of Liam Lunettes, developed by calliope_love. For fic associated with this character, see Callie's journal, under the "Modernverse" label.

And, for questions and how's-my-driving and getting in touch and the like, ping me here. Comments are screened!

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Multiply life by the power of two

When Liam comes downstairs, freshly showered and ready to go, Xerxes is already in the kitchen and hard at work on the snack bag. He may not be particularly good with luggage, but if there is one thing that Xerxes Break can pack, it's a snack bag. Food is not a thing that man forgets.

"Are we ready?" Liam asks.

"Mm, just about," Break tells him. He's in a mood that's almost serene, now that he's human again and Liam is here and the residents of the mansion are getting so much exposure to his own world. He feels understood, in a way, and the music on the kitchen's stereo is quiet and cheerful instead of loud and crazy like usual. He hums along as he gathers cans of nuts and bags of candy and bottles of water. Today, he and Liam are going out for a drive to nowhere in particular, and it's not quite getting out, but Break thinks it might be all he really needs just now.

Liam smiles at him, pleased to see his partner happy, and holds his arms out for him as he approaches. Break pauses to slide up close, resting against him easily. They stay like that for several moments before, wordlessly, Xerxes goes to finish his packing and Liam moves to the fridge to get a root beer for himself and a bottle of raspberry iced tea for Xerxes.

Even in this unfamiliar kitchen, they move together and around one another as though they've done this several times before, and know they will be doing it several times more.

[Modern Mansion event, forward dated to Thursday when Break is no longer a cockatoo. Who would like to experience a car-ride today, complete with modern snacks and modern music? To say nothing of a bit of exposure to an old married couple, though they promise not to get too icky...]


Stranger in a strange land

Xerxes crashed, finally.

The silence was almost odd; once they had gotten back to the bedroom that Xerxes had been using during his time in the mansion, the man had not stopped talking. In a way, Liam mused, it was as though every thought he’d accumulated in the six months he’d been stuck in this place had been stored away somewhere and come pouring out of him all at once. And once they’d started coming, they’d kept coming, and all Liam could really do was hold onto him and listen and make mental notes of the questions he had, because there was no way he was getting a word in edgewise just then.

He’d managed to make him eat and he’d managed to get him to take a drink of water on occasion, and finally the chatter had slowed down and stopped entirely as Break dozed off, curled up around a pillow with one kitten under his arm and another rolled into a ball right on top of his head. The room itself screamed of his presence -- fabric and yarn everywhere, strings of prisms in the windows, stars sewn to the canopy of the bed --

He needed time to think.

So he left a note in a journal book Break had been keeping -- “Gone to the kitchen; yes, I’m really here” -- and left quietly, in search of a snack. At this time of night, he expected to be quite alone in this endeavor.

[Private to easilyflustered.]



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